Seller's Journey

Colorado Property For Sale Guide

9 Easy Steps To Sell Your Home!

1. Free Home Valuation Visit.

A licensed Colorado listing expert will meet you at your home and perform a 100% FREE home valuation to help list your Colorado property for sale. Please fill out the questionnaire below so we may provide the most accurate valuation.

Listing Questionnaire for Market Analysis

2. Home Readiness Checklist

We will leave you with a checklist of things to do to get ready for sale.  Don’t worry if you don’t get them all done!

3. Professional Photos of Your Home

Your Equity Real Estate will handle the taking and developing of professional photos for your home or property listing.

Choose Your Price

Now that your home is list-ready, we’ll give you the market numbers and average home prices, but ultimately you tell us how much to list it for.

Your Equity Real Estate has a history of achieving higher sale prices for homes in Colorado. As a result, we list everything for FREE.

Listing Your Home

We will put your Colorado property for sale on multiple Colorado MLS systems, social media platforms, our website, and the national MLS services like Zillow and Trulia as well.

Your Equity does this for free, where other agencies charge a retainer or listing fee.

Live Market Updates

Your dedicated listing advisor will provide live market updates on a weekly basis to keep you in touch with the housing market in Colorado.

Together with your licensed real estate expert, decisions regarding the pricing of your property will be discussed changed if agreed upon.

real estate commission contracts

7. Receiving Offers

We will deliver all offers we receive immediately and your listing advisor will help you understand what each of them mean.  Certainly, with your Colorado property for sale, we help you choose the best offer and understand why. 

8. Prepare to Move

Now that you have selected a solid offer and are under contract, it’s time to decide if you’re hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. Finally, we are only a little ways away from closing!

moving boxes



You and your listing advisor will walk into the title company, sign documents, and you receive a check.

At this point, any other real estate agency in Colorado would have collected a commission % from the check automatically.

Your Equity Real Estate leaves the entire check in your pocket!

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